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EZ1 Wedding Planner Ghaziabad

EZ1 Wedding Planner Service is a prominent one-stop solution provider for your wedding and related events. As a wedding planner, we bring unique touches to weddings as per Indian customs. 

While focusing on executing your special day, we lay down up till the last detail of your wedding requirements, and it means that you will be getting the most suitable venues and vendors according to your budget and taste. 

We at EZ1 work closely with you and your families to plan a wedding that is a reflection of exactly what you want. You can opt with us for a small, intimate, large-scale, or even an exotic destination wedding. 

We will make your wedding day the most unique as per social standards. The wedding event is the most memorable day of life. In fact that we have been creating these memorable moments with the help of the wedding planner service associates at its best level.

EZ1 Wedding Planning Service Ghaziabad, An Overview

Nothing to say that the planning of the wedding goes with endless days of the plan. It can be very much challenging in some instances, where people are extremely busy in day to day life and business commitment. 


If you opt to plan a wedding themselves, perhaps you will feel you are going nowhere. We at EZ1 wedding planner service, we take the stress away by handling it all with our people. Of course, you can choose to be involved with us fully or as little as you want. We are backed-up with an extensive network of wedding vendors with us. 


We aim to make your wedding day stress-free and enjoyable. It is not just for you but also for your family friends and relatives. A typical wedding planning includes-

  • Personalized Wedding Packages
  • Budget Management for your Wedding
  • Vendor Management
  • Wedding Invites
  • Wedding Venues & Locations
  • Wedding Menu Planning
  • Design & Décor
  • Wedding Photography
  • Wedding Videography / Cinematography
  • Traditional Indian Wedding Ceremonies
  • Bridal Styling: Makeup & Hair
  • Bridal Styling & Personal Shopping
  • Entertainment
  • Choreography
  • Favors & Gifts

Why hire EZ1 Wedding Planning Service Ghaziabad

Ideating, sourcing, and packaging all these together in the most synchronized way is a specialty of ours. A real Wedding Planners acts as an ever-so-important player during the events of the wedding. We take pleasure in managing all aspects and making an extraordinary. 

Apart from the necessary arrangements, we at EZ1 wedding planners always care minute details to little beautiful things for weddings, which include gifts, packaging, stationery, décor, and so on. These gorgeous products make your wedding memorable one step ahead. 

Our love for flowers and decoration and entertainment with a partying orientation led us to the specialized wedding organizers for creating memories lifelong, looking out to plan a multi-day celebration with elegant and regal wedding touches? 

Look for the EZ1 wedding service provider very much in your city Ghaziabad.