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The Reputation that Matters

EZ1 is the prominent wedding planner, which is a reputed name in the wedding and event industry. Most of the rating agencies count us as one of the top ten wedding planners in India.

Dedicated and Hard Working Team

All the credit goes to the most dedicated and experienced team who is handling all the occasions. Our associates are from an extensive background in design and event planning. They are continuously hosting it season to season and managing it at the fullest of the expectation.

Wedding Planner-Lets Understand in Detail

The result is always a celebration with unforgettable moments. The following services are an integral part of the EZ1 wedding planning service-

1. Wedding Ideas and Planning

There are several pre-planned fantastic wedding ideas. You can choose from several ceremony styles to enhance your experience. You can suggest your unique ceremony style if anything in mind. Our unique, innovative wedding style also can be followed peculiar to your environment.

2. Invitation Planning, Food Menu, and Catering

It is an integral part of the wedding. At planning stages, we see the various aspects of the invitees viz their categories, numbers, and their preferences. We try to assess where we are at social demarcations. Accordingly, invitation cards, dates, and food menus are decided. As per food menus, reputed caterers are selected based on their catering service.

3. Decoration, Lighting, and Flowering

Decoration light and flowering is a significant part of the Indian wedding system. The wedding venue, stages, and surroundings have to be designed to look and feel excellent. It enriches the event with its glittering effect.

4. Entertainment, Photography & Videography

A wedding is once a lifetime ceremony. Entertainment is very crucial to create a ceremonial celebration. High quality professional wedding entertainers have very much role in enhancing marriage.

Wedding reception orchestras or wedding discos are engaged to fulfil this purpose. Wedding photography, Videography accompanies the entertaining environment. We catch and cover the special moments of the wedding for future references.

5. Bridal Makeup, Jewellery and Outfits

Our professional makeup artist offers genuine Indian bridal makeup. It is a widespread practice to feel confident and cheer the moment as event attractions. We help our clients in their wedding Jewellery and Outfits selection.

These all are assured as per the latest fashion, a theme and style of the wedding.

6. Ceremony Accessories, favours, gifts, wedding cake designing 

Wedding ceremonies attract favours and gifts. They need to be managed appropriately or arranged. In a few communities, various accessories and a wedding cake are also included. You will find it controlled at its best level.

7. Venue management, Logistics & Rentals

Venue planning as per the size of the wedding plays a fundamental role in making the wedding successful. It is a matter of reputation of the hosting parties. It has to be planned in accordance but cost-effectively.

7. Security & Valet

A wedding is nothing less than an event. It is crowded and filled with important people, near and dear, and close relatives. It is necessary to have an arrangement of tight security to make the wedding venue safe from any unprecedented event.

Why Choose Us as your Wedding Planner?

EZ1 Wedding Planning Division is a web-enabled platform. We have tried our best level to consolidate the unorganized wedding constituent as one service. This makes a wedding cost-effective to no small extent.

We endeavour to cover every segment of the society. Our services have started in cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Lucknow, Noida and more…

Our service caters to the need of every budget. You can try our service for peace of mind with the latest trend in wedding panorama.