Security Guards in Ghaziabad

EZ1 Security Guard Service Ghaziabad

EZ1 security guard service is one of the best security service provider s in the Ghaziabad territory. We scan all our guards their past training and experiences before recruiting them on our platform. They come with minimum educational requirements like high school or graduation. 

We deploy our security at various places viz at the bar, hotel, restaurant, retail store, school, and multiple public-private sites. Our security guards keep on going through various training programs for the competency in their jobs and duties. 

Our service provides a satisfactory security guard service in the Ghaziabad locality. Our associate service providers maintain valid registration as a security guard service providers.

EZ1 Security Guard Services Ghaziabad, An Overview  

Security prevents unauthorized visitors or property damage by provides general security services. They also offer related work as required, like maintaining registers, greeting the visitors. It keeps the security checkpoint to attend, check, and guide the public. 


They ascertain them to attend their required businesses and assure them directions and proper exit. Security persons provide a security presence to the building or section of the commercial premise or residential segment.


Our security guards have all the fitness, training, and police verification. They all know to use security equipment like handheld metal detection devices, bag scanner. They screen the visitors as they pass through. Our watch guards patrol a building and grounds in the off hours with little or no contact with the general public. 


A typical security service is a responsibility for the following-


  • Maintains a post or security checkpoint 
  • Ascertains visitors for their business in the building or section of the building;
  • Provides directions to members of the public on the entrances
  • Brings a security presence for the premise 
  • Prevents theft to belongings and damage to property
  • Screen individuals and their baggage.
  • Hold or confiscate weapons and suspicious people
  • Maintain possesses and use various security devices
  • Maintain simple logs and records of the visitors and belongings.

Why Choose EZ1 Security Guard Services in Ghaziabad?

Our security guard is in the ability to think and act quickly. They come with basic etiquettes to interact effectively and tactfully with people. They have gone through rigorous training to deal with the public. 


We understand the various security parameter like integrity, tact; initiative; sound judgment; courtesy; reliability. Our security holds physical condition commensurate with the duties and responsibilities. 


EZ1 is a web-based security service provider that comes with an edge over others in their service offerings and cost-effectiveness. It is an emerging security service provider in the Ghaziabad locality. Please try our advanced service for your fast pace security requirements.