Deploy Trained & Motivated Security Guards in Delhi

EZ1 Security Guard Service New Delhi

EZ1 Security Guard Service New Delhi provides an excellent troop of security personnel in the New Delhi region. Bodyguards, Bouncers, General duty security guards, PSOs, women security, are deployed as per the requirement. EZ1 Security service is emerging as one of the best security services providers in New Delhi and NCR regions. Our associate security service providers are the hardcore group of experienced people security service. Many of them are ex-servicemen who have the real experience of protecting the nation. 


The EZ1 security service keeps enhancing its service force by adding up new procedures and training. The EZ1 service administers the troops of security guards till ground level to assure the strict security regime. The real-time protection of our clients is the main aim of the EZ1 security team. Our quality control department is highly concern about the best delivery of security services.

Security Guard Services Overview

Physical Guarding is the core part of our services job formulations at the EZ1 security service. We deploy armed and unarmed security guards at personal and commercial premises. Our initiated security guard services follow the best fit criterion for the metro city security system. Our guards are preferably local-based. With our online platform, our services are spread across the country. This gives us broad-scale precision in our operations to ensure the security of our clients. We are accessible to the people of New Delhi and across India. Some of the significant duties done by security guards include:


  • Persistent patrolling and guarding.
  • Protection from unauthorized access, vandalism, or theft.
  • Monitoring of entrances and exits;
  • Prevention of unapproved or unlawful entry;
  • Movement of people and vehicles and parking.
  • Checking for irregularities if any
  • Inspect protection devices and fire control equipment.
  • Front office management like visitor entry, maintaining registers, and other documentation
  • Respond in the incidents of emergency

Security Guard Services Overview

EZ1 security service provides high-level security at your premises to safeguard your assets. We identify it foresee and mitigate all risks. We apply our expertise and experience for the advanced level of security management.


All our security personnel is appointed after going through the stringent shortlisting process. They have undergone the extensive training program formulated at par with the training of law enforcement, defense, and paramilitary services. They can handle all kinds of situations with patience and intelligence.


In today’s connected world, fraud, theft, and cheating have made security practices more complex both in the professional and personal front. This is very much imperative that if you do not advance your security systems, it’s not easy to tackle today’s security challenges. We try our best to cope with all these situations.


We follow a 24*7 security environment in our security service. Our security guarding is designed to work in a 24-hour security environment.

Our corporate security follows the intelligence parameters we make informed decisions. Conducting thorough and in-depth checks and collecting all possible facts about an individual or entity. We comply with the zero failure rate is our service operations. One can try our services by using our online platform, one of the best it enables managed service platform.