Secure your Hard-Earned Assets with Highly Motivated Security Guards

Welcome to EZ1, Security Guard Service

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a web-enabled security service provider. It is an integrated platform to bring out the security guards services in terms of their visibility and availability. This has been conceptualized to facilitate the security personnel in industries, companies. The service caters to the diverse security need of showrooms, schools, residential areas, offices, parks, and hospitals, etc. We are determined to provide a reliable security service. Our valuable clients can now avail of the service with high visibility.

The security personnel safeguards the assets round the clock. The assignment on the contract will be carried out with industry standards. Our associates are our assets who provide trained and competent personnel. They are expert service providers in the field of Security Guard Services. Security agencies associated with us are duly registered under the PSAR Act, 2005. The service provides General duty Security Guards, Armed Security Guards, Personal Body Guards for VIPS, Bouncers, Gunman, Lady Guard. 

We provide all kinds of services categories viz Domestic Security, Corporate Security, Industrial Security Guards Services, Project and Event Security Services. Our security personnel are trained to understand the customer environment. They protect people’s places and belongings. They are an integral part of maintaining institutional discipline. 

We are growing to be the largest and most efficient security providers. Our extensive range of services, the clients, the companies we serve are remarkable. This could only be possible because of our web-enabled platform. Our qualified associates follow our service guidelines in the most professional manner as possible. We are ready with the varying degrees of service requirements as per below-

  • General Duty Security Guards Services
  • Armed Guards Security Services
  • Industrial Security Guards Services
  • Gun Man Security Services
  • VIP and Executive Security services
  • Corporate Security Services
  • Domestic Security Guards Services

The service comes with a full-fledged Security Guards Recruitment Services, Security Guards Training, appointing. Security Supervisors and Managers with assuring a high-level watch prudence. Our associates got associated with us on specific strict parameters. They meet industry standards. They have been thoroughly checked for their registration, organisation structure, various authorities, and their operation. 

Abidance to the different labor laws is assessed. We keep on working on these operational and quality parameters. It is to ensure trouble-free, efficient service. Our services are cost-effective and meet the requirements of our clients. We duly understand the needs of the security services at the Site. With the same enthusiasm, we wish to be at your service. You will see that we are befitting to your satisfaction level.