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EZ1 Pest Management Services Pune

An EZ1 Service is a group of professionals drawn from Industry. They understand customer needs and time importance. It has been our motto to provide high-quality service. We believe in serving back to society in an effective way. We are offering a clean and safe environment that leads to a healthy and long life.

Our Expertise

Started just a few years back, EZ1 services has gained its brand status among residential and corporate customers. We strive to increase customer satisfaction and confidence by giving high-quality services. Our customer service is committed and excels at achieving customer delight. We work towards the betterment of society and contribute effectively. We are very much proud that our customers consistently rate us high for our pest control service. 

Our area of expertise is given below-

  • Cockroach Management.
  • Rodent Management.
  • Bedbug Management.
  • Termite Management.
  • Bird Management & Netting.

We strictly follow government guidelines. We have an expert technical & research team that continuously works with our associate partners to make the service as per industry standard. We are serving residential areas with our regular pest control program. Our industrial programs are specially designed programs.

Industrial And Commercial Pest Control In Pune

Pune is an industrial area, we have created a tailor-made pest control programs that especially suits for Pune as below

  • Industrial pest control Solutions 
  • Pest control service for Restaurant Service Lodging & Hospitality
  • Hospital s Healthcare Facilities Pest Control Solutions
  • Pest control for Proper Management
  • Manufacturing and Warehousing Pest Control
  • Food Processing Industries 
  • Pest control service of Educational Institution and Libraries

Why Choose Our Service In Pune?

  • Government-authorized Service parameter
  • Fully trained technical staff with years of experience
  • Use of all safety equipment’s and measures
  • Free inspection, Optimum fast process
  • Guaranteed service with no hidden costs
  • Several years of real-time knowledge and expertise
  • No need to vacate the home,
  • Herbal Pest Control for specific requirements
  • Targeted Prevention
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