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EZ1 Pest Control Services in Gurugram

Are you looking for the best pest control services in Gurugram? EZ1 Pest Control is a one-stop solution in the pest control segment. Our associates come with years of experience. Various pest control services like residential, commercial, termite treatment, bed bug control, mosquitoes, and flies control, fogging, rodent control, cockroach control, and ant control services are available. 

Our chemicals are safe and of high quality, odourless and customized for specific pest control. We use modern technology to handle pest control challenges. Our pest control management team closely works to plan and execute pest control, along with your ongoing activities. You can avail of the specific, quality and trustworthy pest control services at our platform with reasonable pricing.

Pest control Services Overview

Gurugram is the home for many companies, hotels, resorts, factories or organizations with extensive infrastructure as well as posh residential areas also. Pests are the biggest enemy disturbing and destroying the properties. 

We provide Pest Solutions against pest problems in sync with commercial activities and residential requirements. Our associates in Gurugram is highly qualified and skilled professionals. They come with years of experience in the field of pest control services. A safe & effective solution is guaranteed for your home & workplace. 

List of pest control services in Gurgaon.


  • Home pest control
  • Rat control
  • Ant control
  • Cockroach control
  • Bed bug pest control
  • Termite Control
  • Woodborer Control
  • Bees treatment

Why Choose Us?

EZ1 Pest Control offers efficient service that handles both regular and emergency pest control services in Gurugram. We serve both commercial and residential properties. We treat and remove all kinds of infestations quickly. Pests cause significant disturbances in a working environment. They transmit diseases; contaminate food and water supplies. They can cause damage to your property and increase the load of maintenance.


  • Our Experienced pest control associates deal with common range pests, including rats, wasps, ants, termite, and bed bugs.
  • Pests terrorize, you can fight the battle effectively with us.
  • We have 24/7 Emergency pest control service are available depending upon the urgency.
  • Regular services are offered on weekdays, including weekends
  • The response of our customer service phone line is rapid
  • We use certified and high-quality products, produced by reputed pest control companies ;
  • Special prices and discounts are offered from time to time.
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