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Welcome to EZ1, The Pest Control Segment

If you’re bothered with various pests like Rat, Mosquito, Termite, Lizard, Cockroach etc at your home, we’re here to help you out to stay pest-free and healthy. Our services are available in various cities and operating flawlessly since its inception. If you are residing in Delhi and seeking a pest control service in Delhi, you can browse our Delhi page to get any further information to contact us. Same way you can contact our representative for other cities as well. 

Pest control and management is a practice used for removing or repelling the pests. They include bugs, termites, rodents, insects, etc. These pests not only damage the valuables but also spread various diseases in human life. The process is comprised of the application of mechanical, biological and chemical products and services. Inspection is the fundamental step before any pest control service for its planning. Climatic conditions, increase in temperature, humidity, etc. are the ideal condition for an increase in the population of the pests.

Pest Control Service

Agriculture-based environments and food industries demand more pest control products and services. However, overuse of pesticides, its toxicity, resultants health issues are various limitations. It needs to be addressed to the extent possible. We are focused on opting pesticides with low toxic levels, owing to their associated adverse effects on health.

The pest control is classified into many types, depending upon pest type, application, and region. Further, its use depends upon its set up like commercial, residential, agriculture. Rapid urbanization and technological advancement in agriculture have set higher standards of living. It is resulted in rising in demand for pest control services.

Harmless Agri-Based Products

Nowadays multi-purpose, undetectable insecticide products are there in the market. These products are known for their unique, colourless, non-staining and odourless formulation, which are very much ideal for sophisticated applications. The chemical segment is the highest in effectiveness over the mechanical or biological. Based on the application, the market is classified into commercial, residential, agriculture. The commercial segment has the highest demand then comes agriculture and residential.

Stay Safe from Potential Diseases

The pest control industry has a crucial role in minimize the risk of damages caused by pests. It has a very active role in public health management by controlling various diseases like malaria and dengue. India is a populous country and largest producer of the food grain. It is the vulnerable region for diseases spread by pests and its control system to handle these growing problems.

How EZ1 Guarantee you a Pest-Free Living

EZ1 pest control service has skilled technicians with experience in this industry. Our associates are involved in the business for a longer time. They know the technical know-how of the industry. All safety norms are followed as per industry standards. Various logs are used to make it efficient as per the demand of the pest control industry. The workers are made fully aware before handling any operation. Its all planning, regulation, and predefined service level agreement that makes us safe and thriving in the industry.

Time to time, we arrange various training programs and technical sessions addressed by eminent experts and scientists from the industry. Chemical pesticide is used in its utter need. However, eco-friendly products and methods are encouraged for safety purposes. Our associate members buy and use clean, safe, reliable products and chemicals. We are making cleaner and safer communities and the environment. Pest control service at EZ1 is an integrated effort to bring visibility and present it in an organized form.