Interior Designers in Lucknow

Interior Designing Service in Lucknow

EZ1 interior designing service is run by professionals with experience in the industry of home decor & interior design. We aim to become the top interior designers in Lucknow (See Wikipedia).

Interior designing operation includes 3D Epoxy, Flooring, Interiors designing, Smart Homes, House Painting and Modular kitchen design, Wardrobe design, Real Estate Consultations & Constructions.

Our associate partners are real estate professionals. They work to maintain the quality and durability as per our predefined industry-based service level agreements. We work as per the latest trends and requirements of the client.

Interior Designers Services Overview

interior designers in lucknow
Sample Design of Interior Work

An interior design expert concentrate on planning a layout for the property. Planning is the utmost necessary in the early stages which reduces risks and expenses.

The interior designer’s service is specialized and dedicated to décor. It is done in association with an interior architect if there are significant modifications and developments like staircases, enclosures, fixtures, walls, electrical fittings (see Electrician in Lucknow) etc .

Once a plan is ready, you will ask to fund the quote. The interior designer work process is as below

  • Measurements of the areas to be designed, redesigned or renovated
  • Creating a list of needs for construction,
  • Planning of accessories like modulation, painting POP, etc
  • List of all the parts/accessories that have not to be touched.
  • Research, Designed, and 3D rendering of the plan.
  • Obtaining the material required.
  • Finding the right vendors to procure materials.
  • Quality and rates statements
  • Installation of the required material and finishing of the same.

Residential & Commercial Interior Designing Projects.

A residential interior designer typically designs the parts of the house like the following-

  • Living room,
  • Bedroom,
  • Bathroom,
  • Kitchen,

Few micro-services includes with the above services ie. 

Commercial interior design is generally on a larger scale and takes more execution time than residential interior design.

Why Should You Hire EZ1 Interior Designer service In Lucknow For Your House Or Shop?

Interior Design services should be skilful to renovate to give it a fresh look altogether. You can opt for this service to redesign commercial establishments like the shopping mall, hotels, luxury apartments, and residences.

Our specialists ascertain your needs. They sense and imagine the metamorphosis in the expression of the area. EZ1 Interior designers in Lucknow unites the latest trends and fashions in the projects. you can pick from house decors and thoughts or suggestions to be implemented finally.

EZ1 Interior Design services are an important service in Lucknow. If you want to redesign your home in a new and creative way, you must try this service.