Let us Paint your House Professionally

Welcome to EZ1, The House Painter Segment

Nowadays, the level of painting has gone up; this is due to a rise in the standard of life as well as demand in various commercial establishments. A painter needs to work with a close association with the interior designer. They have to bring the predefined appeal that matches the emotion of business application or owner.

Painting has just evolved from simple wall painting to adding the brightness in your home and your life. This is the surrounding where you live with it. It has to be with you; painting contractor works with planning, material, and project timelines.

The expectation level has gone up. EZ1 panting service is an effort in this direction. We aim to provide a platform for the people engaged in painting and for its customers. We tried to standardize this service through our platform so that people get quality painting services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

When you need painting?

  • Festivals like Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Eid require immediate attention. You may expect it at your wedding ceremonies or any other family gathering.
  • You must be planning to renovate the belongings around you. Your new household goods do not look good without decorating and painting your walls.
  • People prefer to paint the walls once there is a new coming baby in the home. Babies like colorful environments, it is suitable for them to see and play. It is helpful in their mental growth.
  • Painting is the option without which every amenity you bring to your home became incomplete without a depiction of the walls.
  • Painting is but noticeable when you are starting your new business. A beautiful surrounding is perfect for your new business, clients, and colleagues. Opening or shifting into a new office requires painting.
  • As time passes, walls become old, dull, or lose it limelight. Whitewash is needed in this condition. People are much concerned about the quality of the painter and paints for its durability.
  • The public concerns like school, college, or any other institution have to paint their building from time to time. They need to create a sustainable energetic environment of learning or other social cause. 

Today painting comes with a multi-color environment. New themes, patterns are keep coming from time to time. This has become a trend like fashion. You need a sophisticated service provider who knows and works as per the current scenario. People will not have an idea of what to do to abstain from obsolete painting trends-keeping in the notice; the EZ1 painting service started commencing its operation in this segment. At EZ1, we provide you the best painting services for your home, office, bungalow, farmhouses, etc.

Services are listed below-

  • Building painting, POP treatment
  • Whitewash, Distemper coating, Waterproof painting,
  • Wall art, Ceiling art, Boundary wall painting
  • Wood painting like Door and Furniture painting
  • Oil painting, Creative decoration

Our painting service is available for both residential and commercial needs. You will find the latest technique, trends, theme, formats to fulfill today’s requirement. You are welcome to book an excellent painting service available on our platform.