House Cleaning Service in Ghaziabad

EZ1 House Cleaning Service Ghaziabad  

EZ1 House cleaning service is an emerging name in the Ghaziabad and surrounding areas. In the starting, our cleaning services were limited to the house cleaning segment. Later, we have diversified in commercial and industrial cleaning. 

We are equipped with cleaning services that ensure your safety and healthy family life. Our regular cleaning service is cost-effective and readily available locally. It removes regular dust and disposes of the garbage, wastes and helps you to live life easy and comfortable. 

So if you want to organize a house or proper cleaning, it’s time to interact with the EZ1 cleaning service, an online platform just a call away from you.

EZ1 Cleaning Service Ghaziabad, An Overview Of The Service 

Our professional cleaner performs a variety of cleaning and maintenance duties at assigned premises. We take charge fast forward in maintaining cleanliness in all public and private spaces of the clients. 

General duties include vacuuming, mopping, surface cleaning, dusting, and bathroom cleaning, etc. Our people come with attention to detail and with a positive attitude to work. They are punctual, thorough, fast, and eager to perform their assigned duties. Generally, they show the following tasks-

  • Dusting and cleaning
  • Ceiling vents, surface areas, and counter surfaces
  • General sweeping, scrubbing,
  • Mopping of hardwood, laminate, or tiled floors
  • Using vacuuming and cleaning carpets, stain removal
  • Disposing of trash from bins and containers
  • Disposing of garbage and wastages
  • Cleaning and Polishing furniture and room accessories as needed
  • Scrubbing sinks, basins, and in private and public bathrooms
  • Toilet cleaning and hygiene
  • Cleaning door, windows, glass surfaces, and mirrors
  • Keeping all public spaces neat, clean and tidy
  • Reporting repairs and replacements

Why Choose us for Cleaning Service in Ghaziabad?

Our cleaners come with relevant experience, knowledge, and skills in the cleaning trade. They have the mentally prepared to understand and to deal with the cleaning regime. Our people are physically able to reach, stretch, bend, and walk during the daily cleaning routine. They work standing for extended lengths of time. 

Physically able to push vacuum cleaner and ability and to lift the overall weight during the cleaning process. We make and train on cleaning products, supplies, and techniques. You will get our people working extended periods like work nights, weekends, and occasional holidays. Our cleaning service associate comes with the following qualities.

  • Ability to follow verbal directions and instruction of the clients
  • They can alone handle the task and can collaborate with a partner or team
  • Reliable and dedicated professionals for their job and duties
  • They can adopt changing schedules or routines;
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Unique in paying attention to detail
  • Organized and able to follow a plan and finish the job on time