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Hire an Expert Electrician in Gurgaon

EZ1 Electrician Service Gurugram

Have you put off making an electrical repair or set aside the maintenance plan. This is because you are not able to prioritize and pay much attention. Don’t you know who you should call and believe for its reliability? EZ1 electrician service has been providing trusted electrician service through its online platform. 

Our electrician service associates understand the importance and urgency of electrical work. They do it as per the standards of the service. We provide reliable and affordable electrician service to homes and businesses. EZ1 is a one-stop-shop for all your local electrician repair and upgrade needs in Gurugram 

Electrician Service Overview

Electrician service works around the wires and electrical equipment safely and effectively. It comes with a range of services, including disconnection/reconnection, line moves, repair, and maintenance service. 

Once we receive all the details at our site, the best available electrician will handle the call. They may survey to understand the fault. Quote, and Bill of Materials are submitted for your approval. Once you finalize, we proceed for the speedy correction. In general, the following is the scope of the job-

  • Electrical inspections, compliance, and corrections
  • Troubleshooting and repair of the electrical faults
  • Upgradation of existing electrical wiring and distribution panels
  • Interior and exterior lighting installation
  • House Wiring, Office Wiring, Electrical Converter
  • MCB Installation, Breaker, Socket Installation,
  • Motor winding, Geyser, and other heavy electric appliances.
  • LED Light, Fitting Air Cooler, Repair Service
  • Inverter, battery repair, etc
  • Electrical safety inspections

Why Choose EZ1 Electrician service in Gurgaon?

The time you see the problem with a switchboard, wiring, fuse, power supplies, circuits or electrical appliances-visit our site, and you can call us or leave your details. We will get in touch with you. Our trained electrician will reach to you. This is we based online service, which is available 24*7 for registering the complaint and for consultation. 

Any installation, let it be LEDs/LCDs, Fans, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, and other Appliances will be taken care of. Maintenance work of Distribution Panels, Power Supplies, Wiring work, other electricity jobs comes under our standard service. EZ1 is the platform of skilled and reliable electricians that provide quality work with cost-effective pricing. 

Our certified experts follow our service level agreement on all home and commercial setups. Just book an electrician service with us and sit back and relax, We do the restoration. This is a hassle-free service. We assure you 100% satisfaction.

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