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In the case of electricity, you must get a trustworthy local technician for a safety point of view. This service is designed, keeping in the belief that you get your power repaired as soon as possible. Whether it is residential or commercial, it requires an immediate overhaul.
The electricity cases are treated as an emergency case and require emergency electricity repairing. Electrical inspection and evaluation is mandatory in the following conditions apart from emergency cases-

  • When you buy a new home¬†¬†
  • When you stay in a relatively older home
  • If a new appliance is added in-home or office
  • Once you have a significant renovation

In almost any situation, a licensed electrician must carry out the electrical inspection to safeguard from electric deficiencies and preventing from short circuits and fire hazards. During an examination, electrician tests many electronic parts, wiring, electrical equipment, and scrutinizes it as per its health. They recommend repair or replacement for safety purposes.

The potential electricity concern may also be found outside of the home, in the garage, or cellars. The electricity panel and its parts must be examined for their age. The electrician needs to inspect the dark or smoky residue, wear, and tear, including wiring. In case the panel is outdated with round fuses, these must be replaced. Nowadays, circuit breakers switches are standard in use. If the service panel is rusty or worn out, it has to be replaced as well. The house wiring also must be thoroughly checked. These must be checked for their quality of the installation and their durability.

Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCS) is very common in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens, gardens, and drainage areas. Please be assured that ground fault circuit interrupters have been installed. Light switches should be installed away from the water, GFC’s must be first visually examined and then tested for its proper functioning. Loose electricity outlets should be tightened or replaced with a new one.

Services under Electrical Repairing

We provide various electrical repairing services with highly skilled and verified technicians as our associate. They work as per our service level agreements in repairing, installation, and de-installation and material procurement.

    • Air Conditions, Coolers, Fans, Home Appliances, Electric Heaters, Geysers, etc
    • Fuse box, Electrical Fault, Extensions, Switches, Sockets, Panels, and Rewiring
    • Stabilizer, UPS, Inverter, Generator, BMS Security appliances, Smoke alarms
    • Home Theatres, Televisions, Speakers repairing
    • Kitchen appliances repairing

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EZ1 electrician service is a certified group of electricians known for their electrician services to your home or office on your demand. We are available in Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida, Faridabad and Lucknow. Please be assured that you will be getting the best group of servicemen at our platform. Your services request is punched with the best available technicians nearby to short your problem, which is done within the specific time promised. You will get transparency in our visiting, inspection, and repairing rates. The platform comes with high visibility, assuring that you get the best possible in the market.