CCTV Camera Installation & Service in Ghaziabad

EZ1 CCTV Camera Installation & Service in Ghaziabad

EZ1 CCTV installation and maintenance services is a robust online service platform. It provides comprehensive CCTV security solutions in Ghaziabad. Nowadays, as per today’s environment, people want to be secured in their day to day life and the business. 

Our associates have been providing CCTV services for so many years. They are well versed in the We primarily focus on delivering quality of service and security to our customers. 

EZ1 CCTV camera service is a high-quality professional service that fulfils customers’ expectations. Whether you need a single camera system or a multi-camera complex system, we are ready with solutions. We do proper installation and maintenance of methods to make sure you and your belongings safe.

CCTV Repair & Service: An Overview

The primary duty of any CCTV service is to install, program, maintain and repair CCTV wiring and equipment. 


It ensures work following the relevant integrated security requirements. Following are essential duties and functions of the any CCTV services-


  • Inspection of the installation sites and study work orders,
  • Understanding building plans and installation manuals

Determining the following-

  • Materials requirements, procurements
  • Drilling holes for wiring in wall studs, joists, ceilings, floors, and in other areas.  
  • Feeding cables through holes, roof spaces, and cavity walls to reach fixture outlets,
  • Terminate cables, wires, and strapping.
  • Mount raceways and conduits, and fasten wires  
  • Mount and fix control panel and video cameras DVR/ NVR and video display connectivity
  • Programming and configuration, testing

Why Choose us for CCTV Service & Repairing in Ghaziabad?

Our technician performs a variety of duties that is determined and assigned as needed. They keep informed on new products and developments. The EZ1 CCTV service accepts the orders for CCTV installation and maintenance locally. 


Service technicians travel to your place or project locations, and you will get the service within no time. Our engineers come with technical qualifications, experience, and background. They identify, troubleshoot, and resolve hardware, software, and primary network-related problems encountered by end-users. 


Our engineers do the entire configuration and assign viz of IPV4, IPV6 assignment, and set up and provide you the mobile .tab, laptop connectivity to monitor. We provide 24/7 support to our customers and solve their issues in less time. 


The EZ1 CCTV camera service is an emerging name in the Ghaziabad market. If you need CCTV Camera Installations for your Home Security or business security in Ghaziabad, please try our services.