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Life is moving at a fast pace nowadays with advanced technology. Today it is possible to detect what we are doing and speaking through the tracking facilities and security cameras. Indeed, the CCTV security surveillance is everywhere. Let it be the retail stores, shopping malls, warehouses, office buildings, and public places. Every day, we hear the news of crimes and burglaries. 

The rising incidents are causing great worry to secure business and human life. It is now imperative that today’s environment needs to implement the right surveillance system. They wish to maintain strong security to be an effective security measure.

The Importance of CCTV & Surveillance 

EZ1 security and surveillance are some of the best and fast-growing video surveillance online platforms in India. Whatever your requirement, we have options in electronic security for you. Our associate has o years of experience in this business. They have many successful installation histories having long term association with us for the company. 

We deal with all brands of CCTV surveillance and security system and also offer CCTV solutions to companies, shopping malls, shops, factories, production units, and homes. We also deal with CCTV camera installation, repair services & AMC.

 The security systems are helpful in the following ways-

  • Deter crime in the premise
  • Deter employee theft
  • A good piece of evidence
  • Guard your dearest ones and essential assets.
  • Safeguard your staffs, vehicle and valuable kept outside

Our expertise in CCTV System Integration and Manageability

We deal in bulk or individual CCTV security requirement in the best budget. For affordable and best CCTV surveillance, you can try our service. It provides a comprehensive range of CCTV solutions tailored to the distinct needs of your business. 

The IP surveillance system is as standard nowadays. Analog CCTV service is also available. We visit to inspect the site to propose the solution. Although we are not brand specific but suggested, brand brands can be included in the solution. We recommend the best products that suit that particular environment. 

Our CCTV maintenance services ensure that your systems are kept fully functioning throughout the year. Our CCTV annual maintenance contract is served at the utmost priority. We provide CCTV installation and maintenance to a wide range of industries, businesses, and homes. Our services are very much flexible and sustainable that from visible service providers in the market, IP surveillance, or Analog surveillance system can be chosen based on a financial budget. 

For CCTV security solutions, you can always trust with EZ1 CCTV service. Our associates are professionals and passionate about bringing safety to your doorstep. They are capable of designing and implementing a sustainable surveillance solution that suits to your requirements. You are most welcome to try the service.