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Carpentry is one of the oldest practices. It is as old as agriculture. People involved in this trade are skilled by practice. The carpentry application has increased its pace with the boom in real estate. It is due to heavy modern furniture work in real estate construction. It involves cutting, shaping designing woodwork as per plan, and installing it for buildings and other structures.

Nowadays, the Role of a carpenter has increased. They need to work in close association with interior designers and contractors. They have to match the expectation of the architects, business establishment, and owners. They are very much involved in the planning and finishing stage of the projects. The tasks of a carpenter include:

  • Creating a furniture component or fixture by interpreting the drawings.
  • Understanding the layout concept and imbibe in the design.
  • To work in the timeline to complete the project on time.
  • To be more efficient than earlier.
  • They are recommending different types of wood timber and their qualities.
  • We do use of cutting, shaping, or power tools.
  • We are fixing practices like joining or setting, staples, screws, or adhesives.
  • Working with measurement uses of rulers, levelling by plumb bobs, framing squares, and so on.
  • Also, installation, maintenance, and repairs is done.

These are quite technical and need experienced carpenter mastery. It is a very unorganized market. It is always good to hire a visible carpenter in the market as the EZ1 platform is an effort to provide a platform for skilled and genuine people involved in the carpentry business.

When you need a carpenter?

In the festivals or during other celebrations you go for, correcting your damaged walls, whitewash, and painting to your home. But if your furniture is in the same condition, it does not look good. It would help if you had furniture polishing also. You might require repair, which needs to be done from scratch — a skilled carpenter necessary to bring the finish-

  • Covered furniture generally gets spoiled and ruined by carelessness. For example, sofa covers need to be replaced from time to time. Fixing work is involved in this. It requires a skillful carpenter with all its tools.
  • When you shift to a new home, you might order new furniture to match the feel and look of the house. You may go for entirely new furniture. 
  • A cupboard is necessary for the rooms; you can go for the cupboard work in the required places. Cupboards required keeping our belonging safe. You may go for a new standalone closet or choose to repair work to an old wardrobe. People do not like to forego with their old belonging due to emotion attached. A little touch-up can revive furniture life.
  • Doors get jammed, bend, or resists from shutting down due to moisture soaked in the wood. It needs to be rectified or replace the door with a new one.
  • New offices or newly constructed homes require heavy furniture work including partition, wardrobes and other work
  • Schools and colleges and many other pubic institutions require carpentry work for their classroom and administration.
  • The hotel and restaurant industry has the specific application of furniture.

Furniture adds beauty to the home, campus, office. They must be in a well-furnished condition. There are many occasions and situations when furniture refurbishment or new furniture is required. EZ1 Carpenter Service is to take care of your furniture or woodwork need, and you can rely on us. Our carpenter associates are best and trusted. They have been working in close association with us for a longer time.

Services under EZ1 carpentry service

  • New Beds and Sofas, Repairing work for the old one
  • Wardrobes, Shelving, wall furniture work, Ceilings cover and Decoration
  • New Cupboards, Old cupboard repairing
  • New Doors, Door Repairs Door Assembly like Door Locks, Doors Stoppers
  • Window & Window Frame Repair, Installation, and assembly
  • Gates and Fences, Garden sheds
  • Bathrooms gates, Wooden plastics or Metal sheet
  • Dining Table and Chairs
  • Modular Kitchens and Kitchen woodworks and Fittings
  • Any Other Wood renovations of your choice