7 Things to do before relocating from Chandigarh!

With its green expanse and excellent infrastructure, we completely understand how difficult it is to relocate from Chandigarh. Leaving such a beautifully planned city must be causing sorrow in everyone’s heart who has lived in this city for long. Relocation has always been stressful, especially when it is your favourite city. Though it has never been emotionally easy, one can always make the shifting process stress free by ensuring these seven things that will make the relocation easy and mellow down.

1. Locating a Reliable Packers and Movers

 In this current age, with people leading such busy lives, everyone prefers to avail the services of Packers and Movers. It is important to find reliable Packers and Movers in Chandigarh so that your relocation become smooth and stress-free.

2. Change your mailing address with the bank

Before moving out of any place, always ensure you visit your bank and sort out the formalities so that all your emails are forwarded to your new address. Always update these details before you relocate from your old place.

3. Obtaining a No Objection certificate for your car

 When relocating across states, one must obtain a no-objection certificate for the car before moving out of Chandigarh or any other place in India. Because one can also be fined in the new state without the no-objection certificate.

4. Minimize your luggage

Before shifting, minimize your luggage by getting rid of all the excess stuff that you will not need. This way, you can also reduce the cost of boxes and save some money.

5. Always get insurance for expensive Items

 When hiring Packers and Movers do not forget to claim for insurance for all your expensive items, from electronics to gadgets. Ensure that the insurance is done through a reputed firm.

6. Inform your friends and relatives of your moving date

This is one of the things we invariably forget to do. Do not forget to inform your neighbours, friends, and family about your moving date and also share your new address with them.

7. Visit the Sukhna Lake

One couldn’t possibly dream of leaving Chandigarh before a last visit to the beautiful Sukhna Lake and its stunning surroundings and its exotic migratory birds.

It is never an easy task to gather all the memories and move to an entirely new destination. Still, whenever one has to relocate to another city, they become too busy in finding Packers and Movers who they can trust.

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