How to Manage an Office Relocation in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad, famous for its pearls, is also well known for its significant financial, research, and industrial sectors.

It has a Special Economic Zones (SEZs) dedicated to information technology; there have been numerous companies that have migrated to Hyderabad.

With so many activities in the city, some companies need to shift offices within the town or across. They need reliable packers and movers or a moving company in Hyderabad.

Office Shifting

Office relocation is a formidable task. The only way to manage an office relocation successfully is by delegating. That word shouldn’t come as a surprise because managing is more of delegation, follow-ups, and a strong command over the entire team than just doing it all by oneself.

Let us take a peek into these pointers that we have assembled, which might aid you in successfully relocating your office, whether you are in Hyderabad or anywhere else.

  • Outline a realistic relocation budget with a team of advisors. Always remember it aids in cost evaluation in the longer run. You must check our online moving quote estimator.
  • Six months before the shifting day, intimate your superiors so that there are no last moment doubts or lack in communication later on.
  • Take this moment to get rid of all the old files that are no longer required, and you can also scan the documents which are not needed in hard copies anymore.
  • Identify a Professional Packers and Movers in Hyderabad, and always ensure that the Packers and Movers selected have done office shifting before. Do not go with the ones who specialize in home relocation, because this is an entirely different ball game.
  • Insist on Packers and Movers with permanent staff who have undergone a detailed background check to avoid a breach of information, which increases during office shifting.
  • Ensure the insurance formalities provided by the Packers and Movers are enough to safeguard the assets.
  • Dispose of all the unneeded items, and in the process, reduce excess, unwanted baggage.
  • Designate a file cabinet for all the documents, which include employee details, work details, and start notifying the employees to begin storing the related files in the file cabinet.
  • The biggest challenge with an office relocation that the work cannot take a backseat, so make it point of communicating with your team at all times and also remember to intimate your stakeholders of the same.
  • Constitute two teams, who will be involved with the entire process and will deal directly on the day with the Packers and Movers. One group needs to look after the packing up of all items to be there till the last thing loaded onto the vehicle. The second team should overlook the placing of the items once the items arrive at the new office.
  • Insist on a representative from each of your designated teams who will check the old office once it is completely evacuated. Also, take a round of then-new office before the Packers and movers arrive. This way, you can avoid confusion in case something gets left out in the old office, and one could also make a note of the damages(if any) caused.
  • Go through the new office layout and also arrange for a team visit to the new office before the shifting day to brief them about the new office layout and how to place the inventories once it arrives.

No matter how much you plan, it still gets quite exhausting on the final day, but dependable Packers and Movers can reduce the stress by many levels.

Ez1 has helped many customers to reduce stress. We provide a simplified moving solution in Hyderabad. 

A user-friendly online portal is going to present a clear picture from beginning to end. You can estimate quotation at the beginning by yourself, which might not be exact, but you can reach a ballpark budget level.

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