Case Study on the experience of Snehaa Karthik while searching for Packers and Movers in Hyderabad!

case study with Ez1 packers and movers

Ms. Snehaa Karthik
Month of Shifting: April 2019
From Hyderabad to Pune

Rating by Snehaa

Overall, Ms. Snehaa was extremely satisfied with her experience using the relocation platform; the process of looking for competent packers and movers in Hyderabad was much more comfortable than she had anticipated it to be.

This is an exhaustive case study based on the experience of Snehaa Karthik, who was looking for Packers and Movers in Hyderabad. She shares her entire experience using an online relocation platform and her suggestions on how it could be improved.

Can you tell us something about what your relocation plans were? Which city were you planning to move to? What was the period you had? What were you planning to move to?

I was residing in Hyderabad for quite some time. After receiving another job offer, I had to relocate to Pune. And there was no plan beyond that. I had like a week to figure out what my plan should be and execute it.

Q. How did you go about looking for suitable packers and movers? Did you consult anybody?

I did try out the traditional means, but then there was no guarantee that I would get the delivery on time and too much variation in terms of prices.

How did you chance upon

I was told about it by a friend who had come across it when surfing the net.

Q. How was our platform to use? Did you find it difficult or easy?

It was rather easy on the whole. There was just a small hiccup when listing the items I needed to move, but it was no big deal.

Q. Did you find the quality of quotes you received to be fair?

Very much so.

Q. What features/attributes of Ez1 did you find most useful or helpful?

The move co-ordinator! That is a genius idea! The guy comes down, takes a look, and goes back.

You have a quote in a day, and then he turns up the day you call him and makes sure it is all done right! I mean, he even calls half an hour to make sure that they are heading to your location on schedule.

Q. What was the least appealing feature of this service?

None whatsoever.

Q. If you were to review Ez1, what score would you give it out of 10 in terms of usability?

I would give a 9.

Q. Is there anything you didn’t get from EZ1 that you were looking for?

No, EZ1 lived up to all the promises made.

Q. Would you recommend the Ez1 platform to a friend?

Yes, definitely! I also plan to use EZ1 only, going forward.

Q. How can we improve Ez1? What are your ideas and suggestions?

As I said, a small hiccup while listing the goods. Fix that, and you guys will look great.

Q. Did you finally end up choosing Ez1?

If yes, please answer these specific questions:

Q. Was your relocation smooth and hassle-free?

Yes, the shifting was completely hassle-free!

Q. Were you satisfied with the service quality of the packers and movers?

Yes, very satisfied.

Q. Were you kept updated about the movements of your truck?

No, but then it turned up on time, so it was fine.

Q. Did you receive all your goods safely?

Yes, all my goods were safe and sound.

Q. Did you find anything missing or damaged?

No. Everything was perfect!

Q. How was the team that helped you unpack?

Brilliant. It took them less than an hour.

Q. Overall, what were the major differences you felt between ordinary packers and movers in Hyderabad and the Ez1 service?

Significant. It was better, quicker, and more professional.

Q. Is there anything you would like to say to the EZ1 team?

I had like a week to get everything done and move to Pune for work. And I did not think it was possible. Which when you guys stepped in. Your services have surpassed my expectations by a long shot.

It began with ease with which I could input my details, followed by a rapid response from your end. Not only did I get extremely competitive prices, you even helped pick the best choice in terms of the quickness in delivery. And that was my priority. Your move coordinator made the entire process seem like a breeze!

The icing on the cake? They met their delivery schedule. The icing on the icing on the cake? Nothing was damaged or missing. The cherry on the second layer of icing? There were no hidden charges at all!

P.S I picked unison’s, and those guys are damn quick. Like my two-bedroom house was packed and neatly loaded in an hour or so! And they make it look cool too! Keep this up, and you guys will be setting the standards for the service industry pretty soon. Good luck.

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