Are you working from home? Have a home that works!

The trendiest and most modern offices in town are the ones where your deck overlooks a garden with fresh coffee brewing whenever you want it, personalized washrooms, and lunchtime gossip means school to talk with your kid! You guessed it right! It’s the new-come-of-age office – your Home Sweet Home!

 With WFH (Work From Home) and BYOD (Bring Your Device) becoming the trend – with dual benefits of getting work done well and maintaining a healthy work-life balance – home offices are the new trend! So, today we bring you the complete checklist that will make a home office work for you!

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Office in home

One Desk

While this may seem a given, you would be surprised how many people don’t have a proper dedicated space, even when regularly working from home. Aside from the fact it helps you to concentrate, become organized, having a desk with storage space to secure official documents is also essential. This goes a long way in creating a formal work environment – in whichever corner of your home you choose – but choose one and demarcate it only for office work!

For perfect working desk that make you feel more comfortable while working you can go for some professional carpenters

Files and folders

While these were a given, before the digital era dawned on us, no office can function well without these! The modern-day version is getting your e-folders and e-files in place. Ensure that the little ones don’t hammer away on your keyboard, messing up an important presentation. Being organized will help you save considerable time and prevent loss of data.


Laptop or Tablet

Having a handheld device – equipped with applications for time management – notepads, apps for project management and tasks – the works. Having them on a mobile device ensures you never miss an appointment.

Print-Scan-Copy – An all in one machine

A no-brainer! Imagine running to the local stationary store or cyber café (do they even exist now?) to take one lousy printout! Also if your work is entirely online, some documentation processes due require hard copies, so it’s best to be prepared!

Because you have managed to save on the daily commute, don’t be stingy in diverting a little bit of money on these few helpful accessories which will allow you to perform well at work – even when working from home!

Always prefers a professional electricians for your office machines to make your costly machinery well settle!

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