19 Ultimate Tips for a Successful Shifting Experience

You may be a first-time mover or may have had experience in the past, but relocating is always a tough task to carry out! Here are the top twenty tips by industry experts on how to pack for a move which might make this transition a little easier for you.

  1. Your date of moving should be confirmed as this gives you the exact estimate of how much time you have left to get ready for your transit.
  2. Notify all the people who would be affected by your move. Let’s say your sanitation worker, newspaper vendor, milkman etc. 
  3. We advise that you should make sure that your address is changed in places like the post office so that your mails can be forwarded to the right address. All the bill payments and notifications from the bank should be directed to the correct address as well.
  4. You must only take those things that you require as accumulating and moving junk will only add to your problems while shifting.
  5. Start with the small articles first and then gradually move onto the more prominent items which probably need more care while packing. Make a note of all the precious things that will need your special attention.
  6. Similar goods should be packed together to avoid chaos.
  7. The home that you lived in should be cleaned and checked and so should your future home so that you know what precisely the shortfalls are if any.
  8. Each box should be appropriately named according to the items the carton contains so that confusion can be avoided.
  9. The cartons with the delicate items should be placed correctly should that the goods inside remain unharmed.
  10. The weight of the cartons should not exceed more than 20 to 25 kgs should get that they can be handled with ease.
  11. Electrical cords and wires should be fastened together so that they don’t get jumbled.
  12. While placing the goods in the cartons, make sure that the heaviest is at the bottom. Then go by weight, from the heaviest to the lightest.
  13. Try and aim at packing the cartons firmly so that the items don’t move during the process of transportation.
  14. Make sure that the boxes are numbered so that you can keep a track if either of them goes missing.
  15. Items made of glass should be packed separately, as they are easily breakable; hence, a great deal of care should be taken while packing those.
  16. If you have a pet that could be traumatized by a move, arrange to have them stay somewhere during moving day. Be sure to arrange your pet’s safe transport to your new home. It is one advice which we strongly advise, as owners sometimes forget to factor in their pets.
  17. While using tapes to make labels, be sure to use durable tape, as box labels sometimes, tend to come off during the transit.
  18. Always remember to ask your packers and movers for the complete details on goods in transit insurance. While many packers and movers provide insurance coverage, it is not that user-friendly, so make sure you choose the best insurance policy as well!
  19. When you finish with each carton, list the contents on the side of it, this exercise will ease the process of unpacking.

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