12 Tips for packing your Luxury and Delicate Items before shifting!

Relocation ensures packing all your favorite items with the utmost care to ensure that they end up in one perfect piece at your new address. Since all these cherished pieces have some memories attached to them, we pack it with utmost love and care.

With utmost care of the items, sometimes they crack or break in transit. To avoid such mishaps, we have brought together these tips which will ensure that your favorite glass set and that Photo frame gifted by your best friend doesn’t even get a scratch when in transit.​

Tips for Packing Fragile and Luxury Items

1. For all those exquisite crockeries, line up the boxes with bubble wraps and newspapers or foam fillers.

2. Patience is the key while you are packing fragile or expensive items, never pack them in the carton without wrapping up newspaper or bubble-sheet on them.

3. When putting them in the boxes, always ensure that the most substantial item is stored at the bottom and then go ahead with the lighter items as you fill the box.

4. Never leave a gap in the carton box, fill it with newspaper or pallets in the top and bottom.

5. Cross the photo frames with tape and protect the corners with Foam corner protectors.

6. When packers and movers are employed, ensure they do not mishandle any of your products and label the boxes Fragile Handle With Care.

7. Put a foam plate in between two plates, because this acts as a cushion for your favorite dishes from your wedding dinner set.

8. If you are not getting your fragile items packed by the packers and movers, then start wrapping the delicate items at least a week in advance.

9. When packing Lamp Shades, box it down and put it flat side up in the box and make sure you do not put anything substantial on it because this might cause damage to your Lampshade.

10. All delicate items need to be treated specially and packed into a separate box and handle them more carefully.

11. After wrapping the glassware’s and crockeries with newspaper put a cello-tape around it so that the packing stays.

12. Before you seal the carton, add a final layer of packing material, e.g., bubble wrap, newspaper, foam pellets, etc. so that it acts as a cushion.

These pointers will definitely come in handy when you shift your entire household, and even if you employ packers and movers for the same, you can always ensure that they follow these tips and give you a stress-free relocation. 

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