11 Significant Packing Tips When Shifting From Delhi!

Shifting is a pain, and someone who has been through this ordeal could not agree less since everyone learns from their share of stressful experiences, with shifting not being an exception. 

Let us share with you the top 10 packing tips, which will ease your pressure by the right margin and also enable a relaxed and trouble-free relocation.

Shifting Tips

1. Talk to A Moving Company in Advance

A month before the shifting date, fix a meeting with the Packers and Movers in Delhi, who will be assisting you with your relocation.

Decide at least six weeks before the shifting day, as to what would you like to shift, and what would you want to discard.

2. Understand Terms of Moving Company

Ensure they do not trouble you with hidden costs in the last moment and always make sure to take insurance for all your expensive goods.

3. Get Rid of Extra Baggage

It is imperative to get rid of the extra baggage since it reduces headaches and also increases space in the new house. 

You can get good rates of your old and used items on OLX Delhi by posting ads timely. 

4. Buy Important Groceries in Advance

Buy all important groceries two weeks in advance and store it separately.  Ensure that the Packers and Movers also pack them individually and keep it in an easily accessible location.

So that once you shift into the new house, you can start setting up the kitchen immediately.

5. Vacate your Refrigerator

Empty all the contents from your fridge a day before the moving day, clean the refrigerator, and wipe it dry and switched off post the cleanup.

6. Keep Essentials in a Separate Pouch

Keep all the essential items in a separate pouch, like, for instance, the car keys, the old as well as the new house keys, wardrobe keys, and all-important paperwork. 

Keep it with you at all times when the Packers and Movers are doing their job, so that it does not get shipped off with the rest of household items.

7. Take Picture of Fragile & Luxury Items

Do not forget to click a picture of your television wires and connections, so that you know which cable will go where once the same is dismantled in the new house.

8. Make an Arrangement List  

Make a list of what items will go in which room, so that when the Packers and Movers arrive in the new house, you can guide them through the placing of the boxes.

9. Do Labeling Yourself

Ensure that the Packers and Movers label the boxes correctly before loading them onto the vehicles.

10. Tally Items in List

See to it that the Packers and Movers give you a list of the items, which they have packed so that it is easier for you to cross-check them when it arrives at the new address.

11. Take Care of New House

Always try and reach the new place and get it cleaned before the arrival of the Packers and Movers because it is even easier to clean an empty house.

These tips do ensure a smooth and hassle-free shifting because when you plan things, it is always easier to handle the stress which comes with relocation.

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