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AC Repair, Service and Installation in Lucknow

EZ1 AC Repair Services Lucknow

EZ1 AC Repair service is available with a variety of options for servicing and repairing. Your Air Conditioning machine makes summer living easy. The sudden halt of Air Conditioning may need emergency repair and becomes costly. Air conditioning equipment should undergo a regular maintenance program. Our annual maintenance program safeguards it from any significant faults. 

We Treat all Types of Air Conditioning, Let's Understand-

Choosing the right air conditioning is technical, stressful, and confusing. Options and possibilities with air conditioners in the market are overwhelming. It is time-consuming to come to the right decisions. Depending on your situation, constraints, you might not be able to go to the correct conclusion. Following the type of air conditioners are available and need to be serviced.

  • Central Air Conditioning – This type of cooling system is used in a commercial application. It is meant for larger workplaces & homes due to its ability to cool efficiently. Central air conditioners circulate fresh air through supply and return ducts with a centralized unit. If you install a system of the wrong size, you may land up to massive utility bills. 
  • Ductless, Mini-Split Air Conditioner- Like central air conditioning systems, these systems also have an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor handling unit. But this is mainly used if you want to cool only a particular part of the house. 
  • Window Air Conditioner -This is a “unitary unit.” This system is installed in the window of a room; window AC units cool a room. It emits the warm air out. 
  • Portable Air Conditioner – Portable air conditioners are considered as the next generation of window units kept inside the room.

How EZ1 AC Repair Service Works-

We at EZ1 services strive for the best accomplishment of our services. Our Ac repair service is fast, reliable, and affordable. Generally, the following steps are involved in a typical service call 

  • Fill in the natural form at EZ1, we will contact you ASAP, or you can call directly to us. 
  • Service Entry is fed, and our customer service reps will schedule the survey by a technician.
  • As per the service requirement, a bill of material and service costs will be submitted. 
  • Once you finalize, the service takes place with a smile.
  • There is a feedback mechanism, where we get in touch with you for the feedback on the service done. 

Why EZ1 Repair Service Services?

  • EZ1 service offers service plans for their customers 
  • AC installation services with standard installation and genuine material used
  • AC Repair Services with natural gas is used. 
  • Genuine spare parts are replaced 
  • AC Maintenance Services with ordinary contract and comprehensive contract
  • AMC Plans with 24/7 technical support.