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AC Repair & Service in Delhi

AC Repair and Service in New Delhi

Air conditioners are the necessity at home in today’s environment. It is becoming a fundamental need to rather than a luxury in New Delhi like places. Any fault or malfunctioning or breakdown is a painful experience, especially when it is hot summer. So once you find that your air conditioners (AC) are not cooling or adequately functioning, there is no need to losing your control. EZ1 AC repair service is there for your immediate assistance. Our expert team of AC repair division is professionals in AC Repair Service. They are proficient to handles all kinds of ACs like window AC, Split AC, Centralized AC.

We serve you at any hour of the day convenient to you at the most affordable prices. Highly experienced people, on-time service delivery, service warranty, transparent prices,& customer satisfaction makes us the best in class provider service provider for AC Service in New Delhi, & NCR area.

AC Repair & Service Overview

The customer-centric approach, competency and high levels of professional integrity make EZ1 AC Repair Service the best choice in the Delhi/NCR area. The associate service providers of the EZ1 are highly regarded in Air Conditioning Service. You can also choose from the various services available to suit your best fit. We follow transparent pricing for repair, replacement of AC parts & AC Gas Refilling. A typical AC repair service performs the following duties and responsibilities-

  • Planning and designing of new Air-Conditioning Systems installation
  • Installation of new Air-Conditioning Systems and equipment.
  • Cleaning of blowers and coils,
  • Checking tensions of belts and motors.
  • Inspection, maintenance, and repair of faulty parts
  • Ventilation & controls units
  • Maintenance work of cooling units.
  • Diagnosis of electrical and mechanical defects.
  • Adjustment and calibrations of the thermostatic controls.

Why Choose Us for your AC Related Needs?

Our Air Conditioning (AC) technicians are efficient enough to ensure the proper installation, maintenance, and repair of any AC. The job usually involves completing heating, ventilation, refrigeration unit of the system. This requires a qualified, knowledgeable and experienced technician to be deployed. With our service level agreements, we are very much able to do this. The technicians are exposed to dust, fumes, noise, toxic materials and high voltage equipment. It also requires the capability to work on hot spaces like roofs, crawls ways and attics. 

There may be adverse weather, but work has to be completed. The service requires lifting heavy objects, stand bend, stoop, or kneel for a more extended period to finish the installation. It is quite visible that you cannot compromise with the quality of service. Our web-enabled AC Repair platform brings one of the best available AC technicians to your service because of its high visibility, serve you at any hour of the day convenient to you at the most affordable prices. We assure you of the best service in the class.

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