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AC is an advanced unit of regular use in your home, office, vehicles, or anywhere else. AC system cools down the air surrounding and decreasing heat. Other AC units are often used in industries for various industrial applications.

We install AC for regular and forget the maintenance. Due to a lack of concentration, we ignore the regularly occurring problems. Following are the common problem with a typical AC system as below-

  • Electric failures
  • The problem in outdoor units
  • Leakage of refrigerant and drainage problem
  • Clogging in Air Filters
  • Shorting of Capacitor
  • Thermostat and sensor problems

The air conditioner stops functioning in the hottest days of summer, leaving you to sweat in the heat. In this situation, the first, whom you ask for, is an air conditioner repair service or technician. If you keep on finding, enquiring, and validating for their quality of service, your day is gone. EZ1 AC repair service is a ready platform, where you will get an affordable and reliable service within your time frame. This is due to our continuous long-lasting association with our associates. 

You will get speedy access to an AC repair technician on a sweltering hot day. The service is the on-call basis in emergency conditions. An annual maintenance contract is also available for the regular maintenance of your air conditioners. Generally following are the maintenance work, performed during a repair service-

  • Compressor, duct and filter cleaning or Replacement
  • Electrical control setup
  • Installation, Uninstallation, AC shifting
  • Thermostat and Capacitor replacement

When looking to hire an air conditioner repair service, our platform is the best facilitator. It guides you to the required AC repair service, as per your requirements. There are service providers who handle the turnkey AC repair services. They may not prefer one or two AC unit repairs. It is a waste of time to try to get immediate attention from them.

Our platforms are a web-enabled platform that provides the right service provider in close inter-mediation with us. Our service associates are the professionals having a satisfied customer pool. They are vetted for their reliability in service standards.

We’re present in the following cities and expanding our presence to various other cities. 

You can shortlist service providers based on their ratings and reviews. Please be assured that our service team fixes the problem in a time-effective manner without causing any damage to your air conditioner. You will be followed for describing the fault in your air conditioner. Our technicians are knowledgeable about all kinds of air conditioners irrespective of its brand, make, or model number You will be getting the same service level. Our repair service uses branded original parts for your air conditioner.

Once you have booked an AC repair service with us, the service technician will visit your home/office for an inspection of the air conditioner. The problem will be explained to you. They will also tell the time required, repairing cost and cost in replacing parts. You will be described for the likelihood of further breakdowns. You can weigh the cost of repairing altogether and, accordingly, opt for the service. Please be assured that you will get the assistance of industry-standard with EZ1 AC repair service.